Electrical Panel Upgrades 

The average life-span of a building today is around 30 years. Frequently, when a building is updated and renovated, the electrical wiring remains the same. As the use of consumer electronics steadily energy consumption increases, Many businesses are operating with insufficient electrical support for their modern appliances.

picture of a circuit breaker panel

Signs you should update your electrical panel:

  • Your lights flicker regularly
  • Your breakers trip easily and often
  • Your fuses blow easily and often
  • You hear a crackling sound coming from your electrical panel
  • Commercial properties have unique electrical needs because of the large variety of electronic devices required to run a modern business. Copiers, printers, computers, server storage, and projectors are just a few appliances that could potentially need specialty outlets or dedicated circuits. Having an updated, code compliant electrical panel will make your business run smoothly.

    Below are some questions to ask yourself about your current electrical setup:

    • Are your computers protected by a dedicated circuit?
    • Are you making additions to your business or do you have new construction?
    • Do you need more outlets?
    • Does your insurance require that you make an upgrade?
    • Do you use multiple extension cords?
    • Do your electronic devices run on less than full power?
    • Do you require a 240v circuit?
    • Do you need to add a sub panel?
    • Are your outlets two pronged (non-grounded)?

    If these situations sound familiar, it is time to call Mr. Electric for more information about upgrading your electrical panel. An upgrade will help to ensure that your electrical system is equipped to meet your energy needs and protect your employees and property. If you work in an aging building, Mr. Electric can inspect your building’s electrical wiring and distribution system to determine exactly what your electrical service panel needs are.

    Upgrading or replacing important components can help prevent electrical emergencies before they occur. Call Mr. Electric today to upgrade or replace your electric panel today!

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